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A Woman Is... Toronto Fringe Festival

Updated: May 24

Flyer for the theater production A Woman Is
A Woman Is...

Direct from a successful run as part of World Premiere Wisconsin, A Woman Is…, a cabaret about family, identity, and becoming who you are, is coming to the Toronto Fringe Festival, July 6-16, 2023.

The production features triple-threat performer Kiki Moritsugu in a solo show that is part monologue, part musical theatre, part tribute, and part exorcism.

It’s all about Kiki’s relationship with her larger-than-life mother, Canadian actress Jo Hutchings. A Woman Is… addresses universal experiences even as it follows the story of one woman.

Sharing three generations of backstage stories, Kiki shows the love, laughter, and learning that animated a family where role conflict could be a literal thing…plus, her own, personal experiences, from summer stock to every shopping mall in Canada to Broadway.

A Woman Is

In association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents

A Woman Is…

Written by Danielle Dresden and Kiki Moritsugu  

Directed by Francisco Torres

Featuring Kiki Moritsugu

Choreography by Lyn Pilch

Music Direction by Lizzie Haller

Accompaniment by Athena So

Stage Manager: Lisa Van Oorschot

Runs July 5-16, 2023

Official Launch June 14, 2023


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