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Teacher Shona Mitteldorf Takes a Break!

Updated: May 24

Shona Mitteldorf
Tap Teacher Shona Mitteldorf

After teaching at TNW for some time, Shona Mitteldorf is taking a break from tap.

But since she's a lovely and dedicated dancer and instructor and you never know when such folks might turn up again, here's a little bit about her.

Shona started taking dance classes at a young age and has continued her training ever since. From early on, tap has been her primary dance form, but she has also trained in hip-hop, jazz, ballet, and contemporary. During her college years at Johns Hopkins University, she was active in student dance organizations, and she received the Homewood Arts Certificate in Dance. Focusing on tap classes for adults, Shona has been teaching dance classes in the Madison, Wisconsin area since moving here in 2014. 

​She also currently co-directs Breakthrough Dance Company. 


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